Cardox South Africa are the original manufacturers of the CARDOX SYSTEM which is used in a variety of industries in different applications.

Welcome to Cardox South Africa

Cardox South Africa is the official distributor in Africa for the Cardox CO2 System which is used in a variety of industries, in different applications since 1914. And in 2009. Cardox International developed the SiloWhip System – The most powerful silo whip in the world.

Cardox is able to offer the most complete and modern solution in solving problems relating to material build-up, clogging and rock breaking, in virtually any material manufacturing, processing and civil industry — Worldwide!

Cardox and its Zim Classifieds Distributors are strategically located throughout the world to service and support customers in every corner of the globe.

With almost 100 years of experience and a global presence, Cardox provides a professional, reliable and effective approach that meets and exceeds our customer’s needs.

Cardox has a variety of different tubes for specific applications. Tubes are filled with liquid carbon dioxide (exactly the same as a fire extinguisher). When energized by the application of a small electrical charge, the chemical heater instantly converts the liquid carbon dioxide to a gas.

Applications of the Cardox System.

The Cardox System is both versatile and safe for silo cleaning, clearing of build-up, blockages and rock excavation. It has been proven to many as the most EFFICIENTRELIABLE and COST EFFECTIVE method used today.

The SiloWhip System is the MOST POWERFUL silo whip in the world. Although it is purposely build to take on the hardened build-up commonly found in cement and clinker silos, it is GENTLE enough to clean out other materials.